Why Aren’t There Any Homes for Sale?!

In this video, Aaron Zapata, Real Estate Broker with Prudential CA Realty, reviews why there aren't any homes for sale. He sees four reasons: 1. Equity sellers are holding tight! 2. There are virtually no more REOs. 3. Investors "hold to rent" 4. Underwater owners waiting Aaron Zapata offers real estate service in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino Counties. If you are looking to buy or sell a home...

If Someone Died in a Home that You Bought, Would You Want to Know?

In California agents are required to disclose if someone died in the property within the last 3 years. But what happens when the law says that it's not a requirement, like in the state of Pennsylvania?  How would you feel if you were sold a property where a recent death/murder/suicide had just occurred and you weren't notified?  Read about a family that had to learn about the past of their recently...

Short Sale Package

All of the documentation needed to start a Short Sale is commonly called a “Short Sale Package” and is usually submitted by the seller of the property, the agent representing the seller, or the investor interested in the property. The package usually includes the following items: Cover Letter Authorization to Release Information to a 3rd Party (your Realtor) Seller’s Hardship Letter Seller’s...

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