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Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past in Orange County?

Foreclosures Way Way Way Down! Are Bank Repos a Thing of the Past? Take a look at the latest Foreclosure Radar report from ( and you will see that the number of foreclosures notices filed in Orange County is down nearly 51% from a year ago! DOWN FIFTY ONE PERCENT!!! Two things are obvious: 1) Banks are foreclosing on fewer homes. 2) There are fewer homes to foreclose because...

Bank delays cause investor to lose an additional $100,000 on Short Sale

In April 2010 I began working with a client who could no longer afford their mortgage. A recent traffic accident, medical leave, and a newborn baby all contributed to the financial hardship this family was going through. They did everything right. They had heard about the ability to get a loan modification through a government program and successfully got a loan modification from their interest only loan...

Getting Answers to Your Bank of America Short Sale Questions

I got this email from Bank of America today becuase I work on a lot of their short sales every year.  I wanted to pass it along just in case you need some help. "Need a status update on your short sale? Want help with an issue that's delaying the process? Having trouble getting responses? Your short sale specialist (at BofA) should always be your first point of contact for resolving your short sale...

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